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You can make your own business dream a reality with the YPS ‘Business in a Box’. It’s a complete solution to help you run a business at home with no added overheads or unnecessary outsourcing.


Printing Without Limits

Until now, turning creative graphics into saleable products has been restricted by a lack of available, affordable and useable printing and finishing technology. The YPS ‘Business in a Box’ provides a unique opportunity to bring your ideas to life with a cost-effective printing solution that requires little space and needs no specialised skills to be up, running and printing from the moment you switch it on. 

You can focus on bringing your creative ideas to life, without limits.

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What's in the Box?

The exclusive YPS ‘Business in a Box’ includes the very latest Epson SureColor-F500 sublimation printer, a heavy duty sewing machine, a 50cm by 50cm heat press, software and a starter kit of inks, threads and transfer paper.

The Epson SureColor SC-F500 printer offers great functionality, ease-of-use and value. It allows you to produce high-quality soft signage, sportswear, apparel, upholstery, promotional items, accessories and gadgets on fabrics, garments and rigid substrates. Epson’s reputation for print quality is unrivalled and you can be fully confident that your finished products will be of the very highest standard, satisfying the needs of the most demanding of clients.

You will also benefit from YPS’ comprehensive service and support as well as the training and resources being made available through the Your Print Institute hubs based across the UK. These hubs are there to support you with information, ideas, business tips and advice from our experienced and knowledgeable industry Ambassadors.

“Technology like the Epson SC-F500 simply did not exist when I first started my career over 25 years ago.”

Anthony Devine (yps ambassador) | Ministry of Upholstery

Incredibly easy to use

Anthony Devine from the Ministry of Upholstery, is one of these Ambassadors - “Technology like the Epson SC-F500 simply did not exist when I first started my career over 25 years ago. Having technology with this level of quality and capability in your home is amazing. It provides unprecedented opportunities to run a successful start-up business from your kitchen table, spare bedroom or garage and rivals any professional printer in quality. It is incredibly easy to use and beats other printers on delivery lead times and above all, on costs.”

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Turning Unique Art into Business

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Alison Murray has recently purchased an Epson SureColour SC-F500 from YPS in order to support a hobby that is fast becoming a home-based business.

Based in Central Scotland, where she has a dog-boarding company, Alison Murray took up photography as a hobby and her interest in it has flourished. More recently, she has focused on a more unusual form of her art.

“I am now taking photographs of smoke and then using Photoshop to create unique, colourful images based on the patterns. It is something that I really liked doing and it seems that many others love the images it creates.”

To turn this into a potential on-line giftware business, Alison investigated her options for printing onto various products, from canvas and metal, to cushions, mugs and coasters.

“I received a lot of excellent help, advice and encouragement from YPS and I have to say the Epson printer is perfect for me. It is very easy to use and the colours are incredible. I am still in the early stages of using the printer, but I am really looking forward to taking advantage of all the options it gives me.”

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