All Drytac Media Products Now Available from YPS

Devil is in the detail

All Drytac Media Products Now Available from YPS

Drytac is a leading international manufacturer of self-adhesive materials for the large format print and signage markets. Therefore, YPS are adding these to their impressive portfolio of hardware, software and consumables. This further establishes the company’s reputation as a high quality, reliable, full-service solution provider to the printing industry.

Your Print Specialists (YPS) has been appointed an authorised re-seller of the full range of Drytac digital print media and film.


In addition, Georgia Brown, Sales Director at YPS, states “Drytac is a market leader with a strong reputation for quality, comprehensive and innovative range of products. More importantly for us, Drytac focuses on the overall solutions that its products can deliver. For example, in addition to media, they provide accompanying profiles. Which means customers get the maximum possible output from their printers. For Mimaki alone they have more than 1800 profiles and it is this level of detail that makes them an ideal partner for YPS.”

Moreover, Brown continues, “YPS works hard to ensure that our customers get the best possible advice. Also ensuring the best knowledge from us so they can make informed purchasing decisions for their business. By becoming a Drytac re-seller we can harness the exceptional expertise in self-adhesive media. Of which Drytac has developed over many years, and therefore pass this on to our customers."

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Finally, at Sign & Digital UK 2019, YPS took the opportunity to test a selection of Drytac media.

“We were very impressed with the quality and durability of the Drytac media. We really put the media through its paces and created some eye-catching samples that showcased both the printer and media capabilities to the visitors to our stand,” adds Brown.

Georgia Brown concludes:

“It is very important to be able to demonstrate the broadest possible range of applications to a customer. During the time they are considering a new machine. Since Sign & Digital, we have carried out further rigorous testing through our Creative Centre. Furthermore, this has allowed us to get to know the products and their capabilities in great detail. Working with Drytac has been an exciting process and we are genuinely excited to be able to offer these fantastic products to our customers. I am sure they will be as impressed with the quality and durability as we are.”

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