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Adkins Alpha Calender Roll-Master 1.2


The Alpha Calender Roll-Master 1.2 is the first in the Roll-Master range from Adkins. Moreover, this model has a 1200mm width with 168mm oil-filled drum heating system and transfer speeds up to 1.3m/min. The oil-filled drum allows for superior heat distribution. While also image transfer with starter prints matching the last prints easily.

Furthermore, Roll-Master 1.2 is a fantastic entry-level machine. With front feeding table for piece to piece or piece to roll sublimation work. Controlling the speed and temperature is easy with the operator. Using the digital control panel with tension adjustable on all feed and take-off rollers. Moreover, supplied with the machines, is 3 feed rollers and 3 take off rollers. Therefore, a protection paper, printed transfer paper and textile can be fed through and re-rolled again.


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