Moditech EWS Application Tables are designed with the operator in mind. User friendly and ergonomic with a range of helpful features, Moditech EWS Application tables make laminating easy.

The EWS or Electronic Work Station features a unique and pressurised electronic roller which maintains an even pressure across it’s length. The roller remains parallel with the table and therefore laminating does not need to be done in the middle of the table.

There are six levels of pressure available with appropriate pre-programmed pressures for certain materials. The glidebeam also folds down allowing for a maximized working surface.

Optional features of the EWS include LED backlit surface, tilt function for ease of use, anti wrinkle tool, plus motordrive and heated roll on select models. The electronically powered legs adjust for maximum user comfortabilty.

Each Moditech EWS Application table is packed vertically for easy transportation and installation. AT 78cm wide, the packed table can be easily moved through doorways and corridors making it an obvious choice for those with minimal space looking to increase their production capabilities.

Not just a laminating /a application table, the EWS is the ultimate workstation.

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