Moditech EWS X2 Electronic Work Station

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Optional Features Available:

Anti Wrinkle Tool - For use when applying transfer film on some laminates

LED Lighting - LED backlit table makes it easy to see crop marks and align artwork

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Moditech EWS X2 Electronic Work Station


With over 30 years of experience, Moditech has developed the 5th generation of laminator – the EWS Electronic Workstation. The Moditech EWS X2, available in 2 lengths is the ultimate application table for the signage market.
“The EWS Workstation is designed to be the most user-friendly and ergonomic workstation on the market. The ergonomic benefits creates a positive impact on employee health, efficiency and, as a result, better economy.”

More than a laminator
The Moditech EWS X2 is equipped with 2 electric legs and offers the operator the ability to adjust the table height for a more comfortable working position. Thanks to the electronically controlled pressure roller, it is possible to work anywhere on the table. The electronic pressure roller maintains an even pressure and ensures it remains parallel with the table surface. Lamination no longer requires stretching across to the middle of the table. There is also a tilt function allowing the table to be angled up to 25 degrees to further enhance the ergonomy and user experience.

All EWS models are equipped with media/material storage shelves which can be moved if required. Stainless steel bearing tracks meaning no wear or readjustment is needed. The table framework is produced from laser cut steel with self locking trusses guaranteeing a flat and rigid table surface.

Easy Installation
Every Moditech EWS X2 is pre assembled and packed vertically so they can be transported easily. This makes delivery through narrow passages and doorways easy with a packed width of just 78cm. For those with a small unit, a new application and work table can be a massive benefit to production and is no longer out of reach due to the size.

Moditech EWS X2 Electronic Work Station delivers:

  • 1750mm table width
  • Two available table lengths: 3061mm | 3804mm
  • Tilt function - Up to 25 degrees tilt for a comfortable working position
  • Two electric legs for adjustable table height
  • Work anywhere on the table
  • Adjustable media holder and shelves
  • Foldable glidebeam for maximum working surface
  • Delivered vertically for easy transportation and delivery
  • Cold, electronically controlled pressurised roller
  • Optional features including LED lighting and tilt function

Your Print Specialists:


The Moditech EWS X2 Application table is the most user friendly and ergonomic workstation in the market, available now at Your Print Specialists.

Width: 1750mm Available Lengths: 3061mm | 3804mm

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