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Taking an extended break? Safely shutdown your printer with these tips.


Before rushing off to enjoy your Summer or Christmas break, it is important to prepare your Roland or Mimaki machine for the downtime so when you return you can get up and running with no fuss.

Safe shutdown for Mimaki printers

When not using a machine for an extended period of time you should do one of two things:

  • Leave the machine on standby. Turn off the machine on the front panel but leave the power switches at the side of the machine turned on. This is better for circulation. It is also advised to turn off any heaters (if available on the machine) because they are unnecessary and could turn into a hazard when not supervised.


  • Perform Custody Wash as described in the operation manual. For all machines, there is a section in the operation manual "When the machine is not used for a long time (Custody Wash)" which can typically be found in Chapter 4 - Maintenance. It is important to ensure there is plenty of ink in the machine to allow the cleanings to take place and that you empty the waste tank in advance. Should you have any questions, please contact the service team.

Preparing your Mimaki printer after an extended break

If your Mimaki printer hasn’t been used for a week or more, please complete the following procedure:

  1. Wipe over printer covers, table/bed ensuring no dust or debris remains.
  2. Check condition of any consumable filters and replace if necessary.
  3. Empty the Waste Ink.
  4. Check Ink Dates - replace if required.
  5. Perform “Disway Wash” as described in the User Guide.
  6. Perform “Daily Maintenance” as described in the User Guide.
  7. Finish with a “Normal Clean”.
  8. Print a Test Draw. If any nozzles are missing, please carry out appropriate actions as outlined below.
Step Symptom Clean Type Action
1 1 or 2 nozzles missing Normal Test Draw
2 More than 2 nozzles missing, or Step 1 failed to resolve Hard followed by Soft Test Draw
3 Many nozzles missing Subtank / Overflow Maintenance followed by Normal Clean Test Draw
4 Step 3 failed to resolve Nozzle Wash 30min then repeat step 3 Test Draw
5  Step 4 failed to resolve Email your reseller and advise that you have completed these steps. Please attach a photo of the Nozzle Test.

Safe Shutdown for Roland Printers

Follow these Roland Safe shutdown instructions to keep your Roland Machine happy during an extended break.

  • Perform a normal clean and check test draw. Repeat this step if required to achieve a full nozzle test draw.
  • Perform daily maintenance, as usual, replacing wiper if necessary. Wiper blades should be clean to allow them to clean the print heads effectively. Make sure ink cartridges have sufficient ink in order to be able to circulate through the machine. Cleaning cartridges should also be checked.
  • The machine should be kept plugged in with the power switch turned on at the back. It should be kept in standby mode to allow the printer to perform automatic maintenance whilst not being used.
  • Check and empty drain bottle.
  • Remove media from the printer to prevent any pressure marks from being left on the roll from the pinch rollers.

If using white in your Roland, the cartridge should be shaken before leaving for your break. Whilst the printer is turned on, remove the cartridge and tip back and forth several times, and put it back in. You can then leave the machine switched off on the front panel with the main power switch left on.

Upon your return, the white or metallic cartridges should be gently shaken. Perform a nozzle text print and clean if necessary.

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