Heat Presses Direct is part of the industry with decades of experience in producing high quality engineered heat transfer machines. They are a global businesses that has build trust with their customers throughout the years.

Quality is something the company prides itself on. Moreover, its products are distributed worldwide.

Heat Presses Direct’s policy is constantly being improved and modified to meet changing conditions. Therefore they remain a contact force in the industry.

Heat Presses Direct manufacture both manual and pneumatic machines. They produce all their machines to the highest standard. They focus on customer satisfaction and safety. Furthermore, they reach this aim by testing all their products in house. They provide user manuals with each product detailing safety tips to ensure the user gets the most from their purchase while being safe.

One of Heat Presses Direct’s core beliefs is that of quality starts with the components. Therefore, using only the best parts, they ensure the same quality each time. They have a extensive process their machines go though before being manufactured for the public. The final product will have been through various checks.

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