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Bubble Free Application Tables

Bubble Free make application and mounting tables for the digital print industry. Designed and manufactured in Europe, a Bubble Free application table is one of the most practical pieces of equipment for sign makers.

Simple and easy to learn, Bubble Free tables are made from high quality materials for a reliable and dependable piece of finishing equipment. Each table is built to order and is available in a range of sizes to suit your workspace and workflow. 

Solid and Reliable

Bubble Free application tables are designed and manufactured in Europe from quality parts including Hafner and Festo pneumatic components. Few electronic parts mean a higher degree of reliability.

A 15mm thick soft rubber coating on the pressure roller guarantees a bubble free application. The roller pressure also means the substrate can’t move from its position during application.

A Bubble Free table is supplied with either an MDF or glass surface depending on the materials and thicknesses used.

Each Bubble Free table is made to order from quality materials and is available in several different widths and lengths for a complete custom workspace.

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