Flexa Laminators

The Flexa Miura II Plus Automatic XY Cutter 1600mm

Firstly, The Flexa Miura II Plus Automatic XY cutter with vertical alignment is a high performing cutting machine. It is capable of trimming flexible materials with automatic vertical cutting correction.

Maximum precision can be achieved thanks to the Edge Control vertical alignment control panel. And an optical sensor that detects and automatically aligns the material before cutting.

Finally, the Flexa Miura II Plus comes with 3 lengthwise single cutting units as standard with the option to upgrade to a maximum of 8 including twin cutters. Blades can be positioned with pressure adjustment depending on the material and fine-tune positioning available for each cutting unit.

Working Width: 1650mm (65in) / 2650mm (105in)

Max Speed: 1-30m/min

Dimensions: w 2400 x d 1200 x h 1350mm / w 3500 x d 1200 x h 1350mm

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