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30 years of experience developing the 5th generation of flatbed laminator

Your Print Specialists are pleased to offer the Moditech EWS range of Electronic Work Stations. With 30 years of experience and a passion for innovation and ergonomics, Moditech have developed The EWS - Electronic Work Station. 

Developed by Patrik Johansson, the brains behind other flatbed laminating tables currently on the market, the EWS is the result of a desire for innovation with an electronic based system rather than the traditional compressor. Each EWS Electronic Work Station is manufactured in Sweden to a high specification.

All EWS tables are assembled and packed vertically making them easy to transport and install. At 78cm wide, The EWS should fit through most doorways.

The motorised adjustable table height allows for the operator to work in a comfortable position. Thanks to the pressurised roller, it is possible to work anywhere on the table, meaning no more stretching across to the middle. Removable and adjustabel shelves for tools and media as well as recessed grooves for cutting all add to the user experience.

The EWS range of tables have a unique and patented electronically controlled pressurised roller. This ensures an even and accurate pressure along the length of the roller.
The roller remains parallel with the table surface meaning that lamination does not have to occur in the middle of the table.

A range of optional extras add to The EWS's
durability and flexibility. These include:

LED Lights | Anti-Wrinkle Tool | Tilt Function

Also available for the EWS X4 is a heated roller for hot laminating and a Motordrive with remote for constant speed when laminating.

Moditech have developed and manufactured a range of application tables called The EWS – Electronic Work Station. Available now from Your Print Specialists.

Designed and built in Sweden, EWS tables are the result of 30 years of experience in the Flatbed Applicator market. The brainchild of Patrik Johansson who has previously developed other laminating tables that are currently available in the market including the Rolls Roller, CWT and the Roll-X.

Available in two models, the X2 and X4, both models feature electronically adjustable legs for ease of use.

The Moditech EWS Electronic Work Station benefits from being electronically driven rather than via compressor. The patented electronically controlled roller maintains an even pressure and remains parallel with the table. This allows the operator to work anywhere on the table meaning they are no longer restricted and stretching across to the centre.

Each EWS application table is packed vertically for delivery making transportation through buildings and installation easy. At just 78cm wide, the EWS table can fit through many door frames.

There are a range of optional features available for each EWS table including LED backlit work surface, anti-wrinkle tool and tilt function. For the X4 model, there is also the option for a heated roller and motordrive.

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