S-RACE next generation dye sublimation paper

Your Print Specialists are pleased to offer S-RACE dye sublimation paper. S-RACE offers a wide range of sublimation papers from genreral purpose to papers developed for rigid materials and elastic based polyesters. All papers off amazing results with brilliant image quality and high definition. S-RACE sublimations paper - made to impress.

Dye Sublimation printing can be challenging so make sure you're choosing the best paper for printing. S-RACE sublimation papers offer brilliant image definition and consistent quality. Choose a specially developed S-RACE paper for your application to achieve fantastic results.

S-RACE General Purpose Dye Sublimation Paper has been developed to work with a range of sublimation products from textiles and soft signage to rigid materials such as ceramics and photo panels.

This paper offers brilliant image quality with excellent transfer properties. Colours are bold with excellent line sharpness. Transfer onto a range of products for your business including soft signage, photo panels (including ChromaLuxe) mugs, tiles, tshirts, promo and gift products.

S-Race Tacky 100 dye sublimation paper can be used to transfer on to a wide range of polyester textiles. Tacky 100 has been specially designed for use with elastic polyester fabrics. The 'tacky' feel of the paper minimises ghosting and allows your design to transfer without any movement between the paper and fabric.
With optimal lay flat performance, Tacky 100 by S-Race is perfect for soft and elastic fabrics, delivering sharp lines along with consistent quality when transferring your artwork.

S-RACE Photo Panel Pro 120 Dye Sublimation Paper has been developed to work with rigid materials photo panels and in particular ChromaLuxe photo panels. This dye sublimation paper offers rich and vibrant colours with no crumbling at the edges. Blacks are deep and no cloudy with perfect line sharpness.

S-Race dye sublimation paper for transferring designs and photos onto a range of products.

Compatible with a range of printers including the Epson SureColour SC-F dye sublimation range. Use with Epson SC-F500, SC-F6400 and SC-F9400 range.

S-Race dye sub paper comes in several variations including general purpose, Tacky 100 and Photo Panel Pro 120.

S-Race General purpose sublimation paper is for a range of applications from textile to rigid substrates such as mugs and signage. This paper offers fantastic transfer qualities including high quality, bold colours and sharp lines.

S-Race Tacky 100 dye sub paper can transfer on to a range of polyester materials. Specially designed to work with elastic materials, Tacky 100 minimises ghosting and movement.

Photo Panel Pro 120 is specially designed for rigid materials such as signage and photo panels including ChromaLuxe. This sublimation paper offers sharp lines and rich colours.

S-race dye sublimation papers are available in a range of roll widths from 610mm up to 1118mm.

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