Mimaki UJV100-160 – The YPS Machine of the Month

Our Machine of the Month for July is the latest UV roll to roll machine from Mimaki, the UJV100-160 printer. The machine was announced in late 2020 and is part of the brands ‘100 Series’ of print-only machines. Currently composed of the JV100-160 Solvent Printer and the latest addition, the TS100-160 Dye-sublimation printer, the series is completed by the UJV100-160 LED UV printer.

Our newly installed demonstration UJV100 is up and running ready for demonstrations. As this machine is not our first demo UJV100 model we are already excited by the possibilities we know it presents. Our latest UV 100 series model is configured with both clear and white ink. Providing us with endless opportunities. Our previous model was configured with CMYK and white which was used to create impressive window graphics. 

When configuring our new demonstration UJV100 adding clear ink was a no-brainer. Combined with the white and CMYK inks we knew this machine would create impressive samples for our entry-level customers. Companies looking for a UV printer with white and clear ink would previously have had to explore the higher price range machines from Mimaki. However, with an RRP of £15,995 the UJV100-160 is a more affordable purchase. While still featuring some of the brands more impressive benefits. 

Mimaki UJV100 - 160

Features & benefits

The Mimaki UJV100-160 is our machine of the month for July as it presents endless opportunities. Not only with it's ink configurations but with the machine's UV ink curing. This feature allows for instant application, cutting down the turnaround time of your printing, impressing your customers. The new LUS-190 UV ink is also featured in the UJV100-160. These inks were specifically designed for the machine and boast an environmentally friendly profile being GreenGuard Gold certified.

On our previous UJV100-160 demonstration machine, we created a range of signage on Drytac Viziprint Impress Clear. While using the white ink previously, we are now excited to incorporate clear ink into our applications.

The UJV100 also features a new pinch roller system. Introducing 19 pinch rollers, cutting out the need to manually move the pinch rollers when loading a new media. This will prove useful here at YPS as we change our media in accordance with our customer’s sample requirements often.

As the UJV100 allows you to print onto a range of media. Such as PVC, banner, fabric, paper & PET film, the 19 pinch rollers help you stay in control of your media, removing the need to adjust the rollers every time you change to one of the many medias the UJV is compatible with.

IMG 8337

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From the inks and pinch rollers to the UV curing and range of configurations, the Mimaki UJV100-160 was an easy pick as our machine of the month for July. If you are interested in a sample pack or booking a demonstration on our Mimaki UJV100-160 give us a call on 0191 256 6889.

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