Mimaki offers a range of printers, held at YPS

Firstly for example, The Mimaki JFX500 2131 delivers an unrivalled combination of high speed, productivity and quality. 6 staggered print heads allow for speeds up to 60m² per hour making the printer 2.5 times faster than previous JFX flatbed printers from Mimaki. This high-speed printer is also capable of producing high precision and quality images with 2 point text easily reproduced. making it perfect for a fast-paced environment. The printer can keep up with your heavy workload.

Multiple high-quality ink options are available with LH-100 hard inks for high scratch resistance and LUS-150 for flexibility and lower operational costs. Ink is supplied as 1L bottles in CMYK with white ink available for printing on clear and coloured substrates.

The Mimaki JFX500-2131 can print on a wide range of materials including aluminium, cardboard, corrugated plastic. foam board, glass and wood which provide the basis for a range of applications. Confirming further the suitability for a fast-paced work environment with a heavy workload.

Flatbed table size: 2100 x 3100mm

A high-performance flatbed LED UV printer from the brand Mimaki. Upholding Mimaki’s reputation in the printing industry.


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