iEcho GLS Multi Ply Cutter

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iEcho GLS Multi Ply Cutter

Large format cutting system

The iEcho GLS Multi Ply Cutter provides a fantastic solution for the mass production of textile, furniture, car interiors, luggage and more. The GLS is equipped with a high speed Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT) and can cut soft materials with high speed, high precision and high intelligence. The GLS will allow you to make the shift from traditonal production to an automatic production mode.

The iEcho Cut Server Cloud Control Center ensures that the GLS will work with mainstream CAD software.

Cutter Server Cutting Control System
Selfe developed, and easy to operate, providing perfect smooth cutting
Knife Cooling System
Reduces the tool heat to avoid material adhesion
Knife Intelligent Correction System
Adjusts the cutting mode according to material differences
Knife Sharpen Compensation
Automatically compensate for the sharpness of the knife due to blade wear, therefore improving cutting precision.
Pump Frequency Control System
Automatically adjusts the suction force, therefore saving energy.
Intelligent Fault Detection System
Automatically inspects the operation of cutting machines and uploads data to the cloud storage for technicians to check.

Max speed: 500mm/s

Max cutting thickness: 75mm

iEcho GLS Multi Ply Cutter delivers:

  • Max cutting speed: 500mm/s
  • Max cutting thickness 75mm
  • Available sizes: Starting width of 1600mm up to 2200mm, customisable to the customer needs.
  • Lenghts available: 1800mm / 2500mm

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Automatic Multi-ply cutting system – the iEcho GLS for mass prodcution of textiles.

Table size can be built to customers requirements starting from 1600mm>

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