iEcho TK4S Digital Flatbed Cutter

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iEcho TK4S Digital Flatbed Cutter

Large format cutting system

The iEcho TK4S digital flatbed cutter offers the best choice for multi-industries automatic processing. The TK4S offers cutting, half cutting, engraving, creasing, grooving and marking. There are optional additions for multiple applications including automatic textile pattern recognition and barcode scanning. Operator friendly to help achieve optimal results.

Automatic Camera Positioning System
The TK4S is equipped with a CCD camera to detect the position of a variety of materials. With automatic camera registration cutting, the need for manual adjustment is removed.
Automatic Knife Initialisation 
Control the cutting depth accuracy thanks to AKI
Continuous Cutting System
The intelligent conveyor system allows for feeding, cutting and collecting. The continuous cutting function can cut long pieces, saving labour and increasing productivity. An automated with production with minimal manual intervention
Aviation Aluminium Table
Equipped with regional air suction for improved suction effect.
iEcho Motion Control System
iEcho Motion Control System CUTTERSERVER ensures smooth cutting circles and perfect curves
High Efficiency Cutting Head
Cutting speed of up to 1.5m/s and intelligent control system of the z axis height decreases the cutting tools moving distance therefore shortening working time and improving efficiency.

Max speed: 1500mm/s

Cutting accuracy: 0.1mm

Max cutting thickness: 50mm

iEcho TK4S Digital Flatbed Cutter delivers:

  • Max cutting speed: 1500mm/s
  • Max cutting thickness 50mm
  • Cutting precision 0.1mm
  • Available sizes: Starting width of 1600mm up to 3200mm, customisable to the customer needs.

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High speed digital flatbed cutter – the iEcho TK4S Digital Cutter with optional stacker and collecting system for a wide range of industries.

Table size can be built to customers requirements starting from 1600mm>

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