Mimaki SS21 440ml Light Cyan Cartridge


SS21 440ml Light Cyan Cartridge

We stock the full range of SS21 inks to meet the needs of any printing professional, ensuring perfect compatibility and warranty cover for your Mimaki printer. At YPS we carry stock of the full range of original Mimaki inks, so what ever your device we’ll have your consumables.

Printer compatibility:

CJV30-60, CJV30-100, CJV30-130, CJV30-160, JV33-130, JV33-160, JV33-260, JV34-260, JV5-130S, JV5-160S, JV5-260S, JV5-320S, JV5-320DS, TPC-1000, CJV150-107, CJV150-130, CJV150-160, CJV300-130, CJV300-160, JV150-130, JV150-160, JV300-130 & JV300-160


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