A complete business solution from Epson

Epson are a market leader in print and offer a complete print solution from hardware and ink to media and software. Their extensive knowledge of high-quality printing means that you can expect precision, quality and productivity with every print. 

Epson Textile Printers

Developed entirely in house by Epson, the dye sublimation series offers speed, strength and productivity. A choice of models in formats up to 64” means that you can buy the machine that matches your business needs. From the entry level Epson SC-F500 to the SC-F9300, YPS will help you find the machine that works for you.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

Epson prides itself in developing technology in house with every component manufactured by Epson including the PrecisonCore TFP printhead.

Innovative technologies developed in house such as automatic printhead maintenance and auto tension control help expand production capability and avoid downtime.

Warranty is included with all Epson models offering peace of mind in the unlikely event anything goes wrong. 

PrecisionDot high quality mode improves print quality with it’s three technologies. (Half Tone Module, LUT and MicroWeave.) When combined with Epson UltraChrome ink with its wide colour gamut, Epson print quality is exceptional across both photo print and dye sublimation print.

Seiko Epson Corporation was founded in 1942, under the name Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd. Japan is where Epson’s journey started. They started their now wold wide printer business as watch makers.

Fast forward to 1961, Daiwa Kogyo, Ltd is now Shinshu Seiki co, who are providing parts to the company chosen to be the official time keeper for the 1964. A printing timer was requested for this job. Therefore Shinshu Seiki began ground breaking work developing an electronic printer. 

1982 was the year Sinshu Seiki officially changed its name to The Epson Corporation. Creating the now household name.

Furthermore the year 1982 was a big year for the corporation. Not only did they change their name, but they made innovative moves in the industry. With the launch of the world first hand held computer. Furthermore, in 1983 they launch the world first portable colour TV, Epson are world leading pioneers.

Moreover, we move forward to 1985. The company designed and created the Micro Piezo inkjet technology. Moving into 1994, the cooperation released the first high resolution colour inkjet printer. Furthermore, this is the ancestor of the inkjet printers we all know now.

Epson are now moving into other printing sectors. Continuing their work as pioneers. They have created a Dye-Sublimation printer. The F500 is a table top business begins tool. Furthermore, Epson as we know them now is how the business plans to continue. As a industry pushing, innovative, worldwide cooperation.

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