Roland Safe Shutdown for the Christmas Break

Roland Safe Shutdown Instructions

Before rushing off to enjoy your Christmas break, it is important to prepare your Roland machine for the downtime so when you return you can get up and running with no fuss. Roland DG have put together a handy video detailing the maintenance process for keeping your Roland tip top and prepared the break ahead.

Follow these Roland Safe shutdown instructions to keep your Roland Machine happy during the Christmas break

  • Perform a normal clean and check test draw. Repeat this step if required to achieve a full nozzle test draw.
  • Perform daily maintenance as usual, replacing wiper if necessary. Wiper blades should be clean to allow them to clean the print heads effectively.Make sure ink cartridges have sufficient ink in order to be able circulate through the machine. Cleaning cartridges should also be checked.
  • Machine should be kept plugged in with the power switch turned on at the back. It should be kept in standby mode to allow the printer to perform automatic maintenance whilst not being used.
  • Check and empty drain bottle.
  • Remove media from the printer to prevent any pressure marks being left on the roll from the pinch rollers.
  • If using white in your Roland, the cartridge should be shaken before leaving for your break. Whilst the printer is turned on, remove the cartridge and tip back and forth several times and put back in. You can then leave the machine switched off on the front panel with the main power switch left on.

    Upon your return, the white or metallic cartridges should be gently shaken. Perform a nozzle text print and clean if necessary.

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