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At Your Print Specialists (YPS) we are preparing to return to work, as we understand a lot of companies are doing the same.

Due to the COVID-19 lock down you may have not been able to keep up with your printers recommended maintenance. If your printer has spent the last few weeks in standby mode it might now be in need of a little TLC.


We caught up with our Service Manager Paul Shorton, to see what he recommends.

Paul begins "For solvent and UV machines I recommend the following:

Clean the capping station with a swab & Flush solution to remove any dried up ink from around the rubber seal.

Clean the wiper blade with flush solution or replace it if necessary. Any wiper blade that looks deformed or ink has hardened, replace it ASAP.

Clean around the print heads with a swab dipped in flush solution. Pay attention to only clean the carriage base. Not the print head nozzle surface.

Paul continues "If you have nozzles missing from the test draw, try a fillup ink from the maintenance menu. If you still have missing nozzles now is the time to try a nozzle wash.

Place your machine on a nozzle wash for at least 20 minutes. This will help keep your print head nozzle surface in good condition.

If you have white ink installed in your printer make sure you shake the ink bottle/cartridge 20 times prior to use. This will agitate the ink that has settled during the prolonged standby. I would recommend you run the White Maintain option in the maintenance menu also."

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Last but not least empty the waste ink tank. Also reset the waste ink counter in the maintenance menu."

The YPS service department is now fully functional.

Taking calls from customers that require telephone support, remote support via Teamviewer or onsite repairs.

When called out to site, YPS will be adhering to the government guidelines set out on social distancing keeping your employee’s safe.

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