Mimaki UJF-3042 MKII – The YPS Machine of the Month

The YPS Machine of the Month for August is the second generation Mimaki UJF-3042 MKII flatbed LED UV printer. The printer is the most recent A3 flatbed UV LED printer from Mimaki and continues to be one of the fastest machines of its kind on the market. The direct-to-object printer is perfect for short-run and on-demand printing while not compromising on quality.

Our recently installed demo Mimaki UJF-3042 MKII is up and running ready for customer demonstrations. We are very familiar with this popular machine and are looking forward to having a flatbed LED UV printer in our library of demonstration machines again. Our latest UJF-3042 MKII is configured with CMYK, white and clear ink to create the most impressive samples for our customers, showing the full capabilities of this machine. With layering and adding texture, the clear ink is vital in this machine to use the printer to its full potential. White ink can be used as a base for printing onto coloured substrates to ensure a bright colour print. Both inks can be used independently to create interesting and unique effects.

UJF 3042 MkII front

Features & benefits

The Mimaki UJF-3042 MKII uses its high-performance, state-of-the-art technology to create limitless opportunities when printing onto almost any material.

With direct printing on substrates up to 153mm thick, the UJF-3042 MKII can be used to create promotional items, pens, key rings, small-format signs, point of sale & so much more. With either a jig to hold your items or with the machine's jig printing feature, the UJF makes for easy promotional printing. Creating bespoke items featuring personalisation is also possible thanks to the printers ability to print onto a wide range of substrates from acrylic to wood and glass.

The printer features the choice of LH-100 or LUS-120 inks, with up to 9 colours including white, clear and primer. LH-100 inks are a rigid ink with high scratch resistance. LUS-120 inks are more flexible with a stretchability of 170%. Both inks cure under the LED UV light instantly, this feature allows for instant application, cutting down the turnaround time of your printing. This is particularly useful on flatbed printers to speed up the process of printing promotional items as taking each item off the bed immediately after printing won’t jeopardise the print once the ink has cured. 

Phone covers, stationery, bottles, USB sticks, custom components, boxes & packaging can all be printed with impressive quality as a result of using Mimaki technologies including MAPS & MFD. Mimaki Advanced Pass System works to reduce banding within the print even printing at high speed. Mimaki Fine Diffusion works within the RIP software to ensure smooth gradients and sharp colours. To protect this exceptional print standard the machine also features full cover protection which prevents dust from affecting print quality.

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We are excited to have our favourite Mimaki A3 flatbed UV LED printer back in our demo room. If you are interested in a sample pack or booking a demonstration on our Mimaki UJF-3042 MKII give us a call on 0191 256 6889.

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