Ai1-820 Pro DTF Powder Shaker and Oven

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Ai1-820 Pro DTF Powder Shaker and Oven

Integrated powder shaker and oven

The Ai1-820 Pro powder shaker and oven is compatible with a wide range of DTF printers including the Mimaki TxF150-75 printer.

The powder shaker is suitable for rolls up to 800mm in width and ensures an even distribution of powder across the film. The powder control system features a weight sensor to better control the amount of powder needed therefore avoiding unnecessary waste. This also helps reduce the amount of powder pouring and returning when operating the machine. Drawers are situated below to catch excess powder for easy recycling.

The oven features four heating elements that cure the powder efficiently. A teflon mesh belt moves the film easily and smoothly through the oven. The belt system is also ideal for small production runs.

The integrated filter system means no external extraction unit is required.

An easy to use touch screen panel allows for easy operation of the powder shaker and oven.


  • Integrated filter means no need for an external extraction unit
  • Belt feed system
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Powder Control System
  • Media Take Up Reel

Ai1-620 Pro 600mm width powder shaker and oven also available

Create heat transfers for:

  • Garment decoration
  • Sportswear
  • Promotional items
  • Bags
  • Shoes

Ai1-820 Pro DTF Powder Shaker and Oven Specifications:

  • Media Width: up to 800mm
  • Applicable Mediums: Nylon, Cotton, Leather, Swimwear, Wetsuit/Scuba. PVC, EVA and more
  • Powder Control: Powder shake control, powder control, powder direction and volume control
  • Heating and Drying Function: Multi-stage heating system, drying, cold air fan function
  • Rewind Function: Automatic Induction Winding
  • Power Supply: Rated Voltage: 220V / Rated Current: 13A / Rated Power: 2.8KW / Power Consumption: 2.2KW
  • Packing Size: 1900 x 1120 x 1180mm | 235KG
  • Powder Shaker Size: Approx 1300 x 1879 x 1040mm

Your Print Specialists:


The Ai1-820 Pro Powder Shaker and Oven features a built in filter so no extraction is required. Suitable for rolls up to 800mm and compatible with a range of DTF printers including the Mimaki TxF150-75 dtf printer.

What is DTF printing?

DTF printing means Direct to Film and is the process of printing directly to a carrier film. The design is printed in reverse and is backed with white ink. This is then covered with a powder which creates the adhesion required when transferring the design. Using heat, the transfer can be transferred on to both light and dark fabrics.

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